Best Bars in Tulum

Best Bars in Tulum

There are so many great bars in Tulum that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start! Hopefully, you’ve given yourself ample vacation time to take advantage of such great spots.

Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar

“Here we share tables!” announces a sign on the inside seating area. A beautiful seating area in an outdoor courtyard under faerie-lights and palm fronds is the perfect setting to enjoy one of Batey’s house specialty– mojitos. Which several different types to choose from, these are made from fresh cane juice pressed right outside of the bar. It makes for a sweeter mojito than usual, but what is truly worth experiencing it the great live music every night. There are multiple bands of every type of music that cycle every night, and nothing heightens the taste of a good drink like excellent music in the tropical evening air.

Pasito Tun-Tun

A completely different vibe than Batey, this bar is just across the street. Better described as hipster and trendy, the outdoor tables are a great place to sit. Extra points if you can snag the swinging seat that is so popular in these tropical bars. The emphasis here is on the amazing selection of mezcal– which can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for! Just pick a name, they are all great. And if you aren’t prepared for a straight mezcal, served slightly warm with a slice of orange on top, try one of their finely crafted mezcal cocktails. Slightly pricier, but a great choice no matter what.

Curandero Tulum

If Batey is great for live music, Curandero is the spot to get up and dance! This cool corner spot is right on the main avenida of Tulum, and features a different live DJ every evening. Their drinks are good, and cheaper than either of the others above. The dance floor is the main space, with tables spilling out onto the pavement if you want to get further from the speakers. The decor is also impressive– who doesn’t want to wash their hands under a conch-shell faucet?

Encanto Cantina

The Encanto Cantina

Sole Bar


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