Packing list Riviera Maya

Mosquito repellent

Unfortunately, like every other tropical countries, Mexico has mosquitos as well. You can find mosquito repellent in all supermarkets in the Riviera Maya, but it is more convenient to bring it yourself already, so that you can use it directly when you arrive at your holiday destination, when you need it.


Make sure to take sunblock with you, because the sun is strong in the Riviera Maya and you don’t want to get a sun burn during your holiday. Forgot to bring sunblock? Don’t worry. You can buy it in all supermarkets and often they sell it in hotels as well. Be aware: in a lot of national parks, reefs and cenotes it is only allowed to use biodegradeable sunscreen!

Bring light clothes

All year long the Riviera Maya has a warm climate. With these temperatures it is comfortable to wear light clothes and sandals or slippers. The other advantage is that in these clothes you will fit completely in Riviera Maya breezy beach style.

Plugs suitable for Mexico

Nowadays your electronic devices are inevitable in your life. Just imagine that you brought your favorite devices to your holiday destination, but you forgot about the Mexican plug to charge them? In Mexico they only use type A or B plugs. If you are from a country that doesn’t use these plugs, then make sure to pack a plug suitable for Mexico, so you will be able to charge your electronic devices during your holiday.

Memory cards / flash drives and extra batteries

There’s nothing worse than finding out that your phone or camera ran out of battery or memory, just when you went a day tour. If you bring some extra memory or an extra battery or portable battery charger, you will never get into these uncomfortable situations anymore.

Snorkel equipment and underwater camera

Do you still have space in your suitcase? Then it is recommended to bring your snorkel equipment and if you have it, your underwater camera or Gopro! For sure you will lots of fun with it, because in the Riviera Maya there are a lot of places where you can snorkel! In cenotes, in bright turquoise sea and explore the underwater world of the Riviera Maya!