Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to travel in the Riviera Maya?

In short yes. The Riviera Maya is a modern tourist destination that is very safe to travel to and around. Because tourism is the number one income for the Riviera Maya it is extremely important to protect the tourists.

Is it worth hiring a car in the Riviera Maya?

Hiring a car gives you total freedom when you go on holiday. However, everything you will want to do in the Riviera Maya lies just off the main highway, Route 307, that runs through the middle of the region, and can easily be accessed by either taxi, colectivo or guided tour. There are other attractions outside of the Riviera Maya which you may want to visit, such as Chichen Itzá. Most of these are accessible either by booking a tour or via the ADO bus service.

If you would like to hire a car for a day there are many locations in Playa Del Carmen that offer day long car rentals.

What is it like driving in Mexico?

As always in a foreign country it is slightly different to driving at home. Visit our Driving in Mexico page for information on the do’s and don’t’s of driving in Mexico.

What is a colectivo, and are they safe?

Colectivos are a cheap, efficient and safe local bus service that operate up and down the Rivera Maya. For a detailed description of the colectivo service click here.

How do I get here from Cancun airport?

There are many options available to transport you from Cancun airport to your holiday residence on the Rivera Maya. For details of how to plan and make this journey visit our Arriving from Cancun Airport page.

How do I get here from Cozumel airport?

The only option for getting from Cozumel to the mainland is by using the ferry. For more information and prices about this ferry, click here!

Are there tours available of the sites in the Riviera Maya?

Yes, an innumerable amount! Just walk down Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue) and there are tour companies and tour guides on every corner; literally! For more information tours that are available visit our Tours information page.

What is the weather like in the Riviera Maya?

Hot and sunny year round! Midday highs can dip as low as 21C (70F) in January and be as high as 32C (90F) in mid August. For a more detailed view of what the weather will be like whilst your here visit our Weather Guide.

What is the best time of year to visit the Riviera Maya?

All year. The weather is consistently good and everything is open year round. Check out our Weather Guide, and our events page to see what is on and at what time of the year.

What essentials will I need for my time in the Riviera Maya?

Your normal holiday gear: beach towel, sunglasses, flip-flops, camera, foreign currency etc. Other articles that are highly recommended for a trip to the Riviera Maya are:

  • Snorkeling gear (Although it is possible to rent it on all the beaches)
  • Biodegradable suncream (If your going to go to Yal-Ku and cenotes they request that you use this)
  • Walking shoes (For visiting the Mayan ruins, archeological sites and the areas adventure parks)
  • Water proof camera, or housing for it (if you want to take holiday snaps of your snorkeling expeditions with turtles)

Click here for more information about what to pack for your holiday in the Riviera Maya!

What currency is used in Mexico?

The Mexican Peso is the local currency in Mexico. Although for high priced transactions in tourist areas, for example booking tours, things are priced in US dollars and they are accepted for almost anything; although you’re more than likely to get a worse exchange rate when using them like this.

We would recommend changing your money before arriving here as we’ve found that exchange rates are better in other countries than in the destination your traveling to.

What is there to do in paradise besides sunbathing?

Many, many, MANY things! The Riviera Maya is a beautiful landscape with an ecologically rich environment; containing jungles, cenotes and the worlds second largest reef system, the Mesoamerican Great barrier Reef or Great Mayan Reef. Besides these natural wonders it is also rich in the history of the ancient Mayan people, and has many adventure parks, golf courses, spa resorts and water sports opportunities; you could easily spend a whole day getting lost in any of these options.

Where are the best places to snorkel on the Riviera Maya?

Almost anywhere there is water! Visit Akumal Bay to snorkel with turtles or snorkel in the clear blue water of Yal-Ku lagoon.. you have plenty of options! For divers there’s not only the sea to explore, but also a very special underwater world which you can only find in the Riviera Maya.. cenotes! Also visit our Cenotes Pages and find out which ones are the best for snorkeling and diving.

Are there lots of mosquitos and bugs in the Riviera Maya?

If you’re hiking through the jungle in the rainy season, yes. Besides that you will rarely see them at all. We would recommend bug spray and long trousers if your going to be out on the beach in the evenings as that’s when they come out.

Is the Riviera Maya a place for families?

Absolutely! Not only will children love the snorkeling, the parks and be as fascinated  as you are by the ancient history, but almost all hotels and restaurants are child friendly; it’s not just a place for romantic getaways and retirees. There’s fun for all the family!

Can I have a romantic getaway in the Riviera Maya?

Of course, and the Rivera Maya is the perfect paradise for it. You can either organize it yourself, and have your own private Condo on the beach, or book with a luxury hotel or spa resort. Many of these resorts and Condos are secluded, surrounded by jungle and have their own private beaches. There are also a large variety of fine dinning opportunities in the Rivera Maya area.

Is tipping a part of Mexican culture?

As a rule of thumb 10-15% of the total price in restaurants and bars is acceptable; more if you enjoyed the service. Tipping bellhops is usually only a small amount, $10 pesos will suffice in most cases. Maid services can be tipped either daily, at the start or at the end of your stay; it is your preference, we’d recommend around $10-$20 pesos per day.

The minimum wage here is low and waiters, barmen, bellhops and maids live off their tips.

Is it safe to drink the tap water in Mexico?

Absolutely not. For tourists it is a very bad idea as most of the regions diseases are waterborne. It is fine to wash in but don’t use it to clean your teeth. Bottled or purified water is readily available through the Riviera Maya region, and restaurants will use this to wash their fruits and vegetables. If you are cooking yourself wash them with purified water and then soak in a disinfectant; available in stores throughout Mexico.