Driving in Mexico

Arriving from Cozumel Airport

There is really only one way to get out of Cozumel airport and that is by using the airport’s shuttle service; this service costs $130 pesos (9 USD). It illegal for taxis and other services to operate pickups at the airport but if you would prefer a taxi you can walk the 200 yards off the airport site and obtain one. Note: rental cars are available on the island but are not allowed to board the car ferry to the mainland.

Area Map of Playa Del Carmen

Area Map of Playa Del Carmen

After exiting customs you can purchase your tickets from the Airport Taxi Shuttle Booth in the arrivals lobby,you will want Centro. Exit the airport and go toward the shuttles, tell the driver you are going to the ferry and he will drop you there. The passenger ferry runs from 6am until 9pm and will cost $155 pesos (11USD) per person and takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the mainland.

Once you get off the ferry follow the road and it will lead you to the end of Quinta  Avenida (5th Avenue). Turn right along 5th and in two blocks you will arrive at the ADO bus station; there is a McDonald’s opposite it. From here you now have a number of options, and it depends upon where you are staying as to what you do next.

You can use the Colectivo service. The stop in Playa is located on Calle 2 Norte, between 15 and 20 Avenida Notre; a five minute walk: Exit the bus station via the corner exit and turn right (away from the ocean), walk two blocks up the road and turn right again (by the “Leona Vicario” park), take the next left and the colectivos will be parked along the right hand side of the road. There may be a queue, join it. If not walk up to the first colectivo where an organizer will ask you where you are going and direct you to a colectivo.

Otherwise if you are unsure of exactly where your destination is, are staying at a private condo or simply want to avoid walking, we would suggest you take a taxi. There is a rank directly outside of the bus station and this option can cost up to $500 pesos (40 USD) if you’re going as far as to Tulum.