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Best Beaches of Tulum

Best Beaches in Tulum

Many consider the coastline of Tulum to contain the best beaches in the Riviera Maya, so it’s no surprise there are several areas to choose from. Technically, all coastline here connects and beach names are superfluous, but useful when determining where to meet up.

Which Beach is Best?

One of the tropical beaches of Tulum

Walk through coconut palms to find your perfect beach spot on the white sand.

Playas north, directly next to the ancient ruins of Tulum tend to be quieter, and good for kids. The locals frequent these areas, which have more space to enjoy and free parking for those who drive in. The beaches here are really one continuous white sand coastline, but designated by their adjacent hotels. Playas Paraiso, Pescadores, and Esperanza are all north of the well-known luxury hotel Mezzanine, and offer a quieter beach experience. While they still offer snorkeling and diving tours, you can just as easily pick up a book and lounge.

Further south are more restaurants and nightlife, but in exchange parking is scarce and can be more expensive for drivers. La Zebra Tulum, Sanara, and the super-trendy Be Tulum are all luxury hotels that allow visitors to rent beds on the beach and soak in the tropical sun. The bonus to travelling a bit further south for your beach day is the plethora of great restaurants and boutiques lining the road next to the Yucatan coast. All of the hotels offer delicious dining options right on the beach, so you can enjoy local food in the view of the gentle waves!

Cuisine on the Beach

For the next level of culinary experience on the beach, consider visiting Posada Margherita. Although be wary of the strict rules! Everyone in the party must be seated to receive menus, and they only serve a few specific dishes. While it can be pricey, visitors can attest it will be the greatest Italian food you can find in the Yucatan, or in Italy! All dishes are handmade and fresh, well worth the price. On the other end of the spectrum, for those looking for a cheaper beach experience, nothing can beat La Eufemia. Cheap tacos and beer served on a white sand beach? Tropical paradise.

So no matter which area of the Tulum coast you visit, white sand, warm gentle waves, and coconut palms await you! Plan your trip now, and stay in one of the many beautiful rental condos available through BRM Rentals!

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