swimming diving in casa cenote

Casa cenote – majestic place to dive, snorkel and relax

Located on highway 307 40km (25 miles) south of Puerto Aventuras, Casa cenote is extremely easy to find and enjoy. It is open every day 9am to 5pm, and only takes around 10 minutes to reach with a car from Tulum. At a depth of 200 meters, Casa cenote is probably one of the best places to dive in Riviera Maya. It’s also an amazing place to snorkel and appreciate Riviera Maya‘s flora and fauna.

Casa cenote prices

Casa cenote, like most of things in Riviera Maya, is relatively cheap. Entrance costs 70 MXN (roughly 4 dollars), snorkeling equipment, lock and life jacket is 50 MXN each. That adds up to maximum 10 dollars per person if you come to snorkel in and enjoy crystal clear water. It is more than worth it, as swimming in Casa cenote among the mangroves is an amazing way to connect to nature.

Also, you can take a tour with locals for 350 MXN per person. It can be even less if you are good at bargaining! The tour is for about 2 hours. Guides tell you everything about cenotes, give you great local tips, show some secret places, and makes sure you have a great time. Diving prices differs, depending on where are you getting your tour and equipment from. However, the entire experience is likely under $40 USD.

Why choose Casa cenote?                                                                                  

It is one of the most unique cenotes in all of Riviera Maya. The water in this cenote is a mix of freshwater and Caribbean Sea. Casa Cenote is not connected to the Caribbean Sea yet, but it will be in near future. There are also hotels, restaurants and bars with delicious food in this area. It’s easy to find a great place to get some lunch after a good swim.

Divers will surely appreciate the fact that Casa cenote is a part of one of the largest underground cave in the world, Nohoch Na Chich. This means the diving here is fascinating and some of the best in the world. You will get to see a lot of magnificent formations and plenty of underwater creatures. The best part however is that it is suitable for beginners or advanced divers, with different levels of difficulty in different areas.

Casa cenote is definitely one of our favorite cenotes and the reason why people choose to come to Riviera Maya from all over the world. You will remember this unique place for rest of your life!