High Season

Riviera Maya high and low season

Want to visit the Riviera Maya but don’t know when to come? Well let us help you. To begin with it is hot and sunny all year round, and everything you will want to do is also open all year round (usually 365 days of the year); so anytime is best really. However, like most holiday destinations the Riviera Maya has high and low seasons. There is not an overly noticeable low season on the Riviera Maya, but there are still some gaps in there for those who like to shy away from the crowds. Here we have compiled a typical analysis of the year so that you can plan your holiday accordingly. To find out more about the weather in the Riviera Maya region, and events that take place around the Riviera Maya, click the links above.

Almost private beach

Almost private beach low season in Riviera Maya



These months, especially late December, January and the easter period, are definitely the highest part of the year. There is a large influx of people coming to the Riviera Maya to escape the cold weather that seems to influence a large majority of the rest of the world.



Here the crowds disperse until summer comes in. June is the start of the rainy season, hurricane season in the Caribbean, and this continues through until late October, early November. June is also the time of year when the schools in Mexico kick out, so Mexicans do descend on the Riviera Maya. If your looking to grab a good deal this is probably one of the periods of the year to do so.



Like in most hot and sunny places July and and August are busy times of the year on the Riviera Maya. The weather is at its peak, the sun beating down on everyone who decides to grace our shores.



This is the end of the holiday season and the height of the rainy season, and, consequently, this is the lowest part of the year. But don’t let the thought of rain deter you from the deals you may find; it won’t rain everyday, and the sun is still shining in all its glory. The exception to this period are the dates around thanksgiving; it is a small slice of high season.