Reasons to stay at Aldea Zama, Tulum

Aldea Zama is newly built, eco-friendly and luxury residential area, located between Tulum and Caribbean beaches, directly in the jungle. With so many hotels on the beach, why would you want to stay in Aldea Zama instead? Well, there are few main reason to consider.

1. Luxury and comfort

All the complexes are brand new and that assures highest standards. It is an area for people who want a luxury vacation for their Tulum and Riviera Maya experience. All the condos have modern furnishings, extra amenities and great hospitality.

2. Everything is close

For those who stay in the beach resorts, the town of Tulum itself can seem a bit of a commute. While staying in Aldea Zama however, everything is close. Supermarket is just a few minutes away; Main Street of Tulum is also within walking distance. Also, the beach is easy accessible by a bike or a car. If you enjoy good walk in fresh air and magnificent nature, you can even walk. However, most of the places in Aldea Zama provide bicycles and shuttles to the beaches for extra convenience. That means it has the best location in whole are of Tulum if you are after well-balanced vacation.

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3. Variety

You will sleep in the jungle, cycle under the palm trees and swim in the Caribbean Sea if you choose Aldea Zama. This residential area is a perfect combination of every single nature wonder of Riviera Maya. Everything is within a reach of a hand as this area’s location was chosen carefully so that the guest from all over the world would feel the maximum pleasure.

Also, this residential area is huge and has a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a spacious private house, splendid Arthouse full of masterpiece arts and majestic surroundings, or in safe and family friendly condos, Aldea Zama has everything! That is the brilliance of this area. You can get exactly what you want for your vacation.

Aldea Zama

4. Infrastructure of Aldea Zama

What makes Aldea Zama stand out is well thought and built infrastructure. You can drive safely through this area as it has wide roads for cars and bicycles. It is extremely easy to find every residence with informative map at the entrance. Also, if you love cycling, there are bicycle paths throughout entire Aldea Zama as well. That ensures extra safety for you and your beloved ones so that you could concentrate on extraordinary views of exuberant jungles in a fresh air.

Aldea Zama bike

5. Privacy

This is a private residential area and that guarantees you safe and comfortable place to relax after your long day. It is  tranquil and the condos are built so you can keep your privacy and space. Aldea Zama is the best place to take a good night rest and be ready for exploring Riviera Maya early in the morning.