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Souvenir shopping Riviera Maya

Everyone who comes back from their holiday return with souvenirs. Some bring a lot, some just a small key chain to remember the great holiday. Do you belong to those who bring a lot? Then this article might be very interesting for you.

In the Riviera Maya you have plenty of options to buy your souvenirs. In hotels, at touristic attractions, in towns or villages… you have plenty of options, not only in where to buy them, but also what to buy!

What Mexican souvenirs to buy?

You will find a lot of traditional Mexican textiles anywhere. Woven garments, Mexican ponchos, hammocks, bags… all very nice souvenirs that will remind you of a great holiday in the Riviera Maya. You will also find a lot of Mexican hats to buy and don’t forget about the sombreros! Dreamcatchers are also very popular to buy in Mexico. You will really find them in all kinds of sizes, shapes, materials and colors. Or what about the mexican artisan liquors? Mezcal, Tequila or the typical Riviera Mayan Xtabentun.

Where to buy your souvenirs in the Riviera Maya?

Drawing Mayan Calendar

Artisan Mayan Calendar

Resort souvenir shops

When you’re staying in a resort, this is probably the easiest option for you to score your souvenirs, but definitely the most expensive one as well. Prices can be more than double compared to other places. Still if you don’t want to waste your time on souvenir shopping, just because you don’t like it, this can be a good option for you.

Souvenir shopping at tourist attractions

Another option is to go shopping at a tourist attraction. You will find some small souvenir stalls right in front of some tourist attraction, for example at Mayan ruins or near some very famous cenotes. You might don’t have too many options to choose from, like on 5th avenue of Playa del Carmen, but for sure you’ll find something here. Please remember that you have to bargain when souvenir shopping!

Souvenir shopping at Playa del Carmen

For souvenir shopping in Playa del Carmen, 5th Avenue is the place to be for you! You will find lots and lots of souvenir shops here, from very small ones to really big ones. Most of the time the prices are mentioned in dollars and you can also pay with dollars in most bigger shops. Don’t expect to find the cheapest souvenirs here, because 5th Avenue is the most touristic place of Playa del Carmen. The advantage is that you will find everything you look for here!

Souvenir shopping in Tulum town

In Tulum as well you will find plenty of opportunities to go souvenir shopping. The shops here are smaller than in Playa del Carmen, but most probably you can bargain here more! In Tulum you will find almost everything which you can also find in Playa del Carmen, but in smaller quantities, so you will might have a little bit less choice in colors. What you will find more in Tulum than in Playa del Carmen are the more local shops with handmade jewelry and other more exclusive souvenirs to buy!

Souvenir shops on the way from Tulum to Cóba (or Valladolid)

Do you have your own (rented) car in Mexico? Do you want to go for cheap souvenir shopping? Do you want to be sure that your souvenirs are handmade? If all the answers are ‘Yes’ you should have a drive from Tulum to Cóba. In the way to Cóba you will find several small villages and you will recognize them with many, many dreamcatchers hanging outside some houses. at these places you can buy hammocks and dreamcatchers, all hand made, for a way better price than you will find them in Tulum or Playa del Carmen. They do sell some other things, but mainly you should go there for the dreamcatchers and hammocks! Remind that you cannot pay here in dollars, just in MXN pesos.
So many options… maybe too many to choose from! Wherever you will buy it, whatever you will buy, you will definitely find your perfect souvenir from the Riviera Maya!