Tacos Tulum

Do you want the best tacos in all of Tulum? You will definitely find them there!

Taco sellers you will find everywhere, on every street corner. From persons selling them from their small ‘shops to go’ or in restaurants. Hey, this is Mexico! Inventors of the tacos and country of the best examples of them!

But with so many tacos everywhere, you will notice that one will taste a lot better than some others. After reading this blog you know exactly where to eat your tacos in Tulum and you won’t be disappointed.

First, price will vary, but they are never expensive, even in a restaurant. You don’t have to pay more than $ 10 dollars for an order of 3 or 4 tacos. You can eat delicious pork, chicken, fish of vegetarian tacos.

So where to go?

Tacos near downtown Tulum

In downtown Tulum there are many many places to eat tacos. You will find all the good ones on the main street or close to the main street.

El Asadero: Be sure to arrive early in the evenings. This place will be full of people. Why? The steaks. So why head here for a taco? You might be able to guess– order tacos with meat! They are juicy, have a bite, they’re just delicious! And you will not find these kind of tacos a lot in Mexico.
You will find El Asadero on Av. Satelite Nte in Tulum downtown

La Malquerida: This restaurant is just great for any kind of typical Mexican food, though you may want to order the fish taco over the other ones. If you will visit in the evenings you will most probably see a really nice live music performance by one Tulum’s street artists. Some are brilliant!
La Malquerida is located just around the corner of the main street in calle Centauro Sur. You will find the best bars to have a nice drink in the same street.

Taqueria Diáz: They serve very good fish tacos and they really know how to give their tacos just that little bit extra by putting some nice extra flavors that you wouldn’t expect.
Entering Tulum from Playa del Carmen the restaurant is on the right side when driving into the center.

Of course there are cheaper options if you want to eat Mexican style. Head to Satelite Sur during daytime and walk just one block away from the main street. On the left side you will see a place named: Taqueria “Honorio” and most probably many Mexicans will be sitting here and eating. Join them and order a mixed plate of cochinita and relleno negro. Pay a little, get a lot. And they’re good!

Near Tulum beach

The restaurants at the beach aren’t known for their Mexican food, though you can definitely find good tacos here. When driving to the beach one of the first hotels is Zamas. They have a very good kitchen. Their seafood is excellent. You should definitely try the Tequila fish taco. Otherwise, you don’t want to miss out on the Tandoori chicken with yogurt. What a dilemma!

Final recommendation: Puro Corazón. The staff is very friendly and the food is amazing, as well are their food. Again, their fish tacos are the ones worth trying!
You will find Puro Corazón after you will pass hotel Calaluna.

Eat what feels right

If you decide to eat from the street, always check if the meat is not already baked and is now victim of flies. The meat should be packed, for example in plastic boxes. Most of the time it is already cut. The best way to find out if a taco shop on the street is good, is to see if there are more people around. If yes, then this probably a good place to eat tacos
And definitely taste the salsas in small portions first– you don’t want to bite off something spicier than you can chew!

Buen Provecho!