Experience Tulum Nightlife!

Tulum nightlife has a fantastic array of experiences that goes well past the great restaurants and spots along the beach. Don’t get us wrong, we love the optionsĀ on the beach road but there is a lot more to consider.

Places like ZINE, Mojito Batey and Cantina Nawal are great options to consider on your next trip to Tulum!

Tulum nightlife - Cantina Nawal

Cantina Nawal is a great example of Tulum nightlife !

One of our greatest recommendations for your Tulum experience is to visit the town at night. A short cab ride will get you to town from your condo or hotel. After you arrive ask where the best places are. Mojito Batey is very easy to find, and so are a number of options in Orion Street. But don’t stop there! Great food, drinks and friendships await to be discovered in your Tulum visit.

Tulum nightlife - Mojito Batey

Mojito Batey Tulum

Tulum nightlife is a lot more than sea and sand.

Fresh cane juice, music, and generous amounts of rum will take your trip to a whole new level! The prices are reasonable and are sure to provide you with more than just sun and beach.

Depending on how early you come, you can catch the Batey staff squeezing the fresh cane juice that will provide the authentic ingredients for their famous mojito.

Our favorite, is the ginger mojito, but passionfruit, original, or Mayan if you really like spice are all great!


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