Where to get your groceries in the Riviera Maya?

The Riviera Maya is the most developed area of Mexico. This means as well that you have plenty of choices where to buy your groceries. From big supermarkets to small shops to just buy some basic food and drinks. The most common big supermarket you will find in the Riviera Maya is the Chedraui. The smaller shop to buy some food and drinks is called ‘OXXO’. When you’re in a village you can’t miss the OXXO. Sometimes you even find 3 or 4 in one street. Are you going on holiday to Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Akumal? Find out here where to do your groceries in the Riviera Maya.

Doing Groceries in Tulum

For doing groceries you have to be in downtown Tulum. If you are located at Tulum beach it is recommended to go by car or taxi. Chedraui will be the supermarket which you will find first and we recommend it for first choice.

In downtown Tulum has the following supermarkets:

Bodega Aurrera

The Bodega Aurrera is located on the left side of road 109 towards Cóba. You will find Bodega Aurrera next to Plaza Andador Tulum.

San Fransisco

San Fransisco is very easy to find. You will see this supermarket when entering Tulum from the north. You will find the San Fransisco on the crossroad of Carretera 307 (Tulum-Cancún) and road 109 (Towards Cóba).


Chedraui is possibly the most complete supermarket. It has a bakery, electronics department, pharmacy, many international food and you can go shopping for souvenirs. Important to know as well is that many items here can be cheaper than the other supermarkets.

Like already mentioned, Chedraui is the first supermarket you will find coming from Tulum beach. Driving from the beach to downtown Tulum, before entering the village you will find the Chedraui on the right side after passing the police department.

To go to the Chedraui from downtown Tulum you will have to drive to the big crossroad where carretera 307 meets road 109 (where the San Fransisco is located) and take the turn towards the beach. After 100 meters you’ll find the Chedraui on the left side of the road.

Best choice for doing groceries in Tulum:

For buying quick groceries like buying some eggs, a drink or a small snack the best option is to go to the OXXO. As mentioned you find OXXO’s in Tulum everywhere you look, except from Tulum beach. For the big groceries during your holiday in Tulum the best option is to go to the Chedraui. They have a wide range of food and non-food products, so probably you will find all you need there.

Getting groceries in and around Akumal

Are you going on your holiday to the beautiful beach of Akumal? Then you can do small groceries in local supermarkets or at the OXXO. For a big supermarket you should go to another village than Akumal.

For doing big groceries in Akumal you have 2 options:

  • Chedraui or another supermarket in Tulum Downtown
  • Chedraui in Puerto Aventuras, which is a small town a bit north of Akumal on the way to Playa del Carmen.

The Chedraui in Puerto Aventuras is the closest by, but if you are planning to go a day to Tulum anyway, than this will be a good combination with doing the groceries.

Doing groceries in Playa del Carmen

For doing groceries in Playa del Carmen you have plenty of options. You can go to the following supermarkets to do you big groceries:

  • walmart
  • Mega
  • Chedraui
  • Aki
  • Soriana

The 2 supermarkets which are the closest to the centre of Playa del Carmen are Walmart on 30th Avenue and 8th St and Mega which you can find on 30th Avenue and Constituyentes.

If you want to do some small groceries you will find again the OXXO anywhere in downtown Playa del Carmen.