Why stay in Akumal?

The beach at Akumal Bay is postcard perfect; a ribbon of soft white sand, backed by palm trees and sloping gently towards the aqua marine Caribbean Sea. What you cannot immediately see are the condos that are hidden behind these palm trees that line the beach; and most of these are available for rent throughout the year. These individual Condos stretch north along the shoreline, going around the secluded Half Moon Bay and occupy the area that surrounds Yal-Ku lagoon; again, most of these are rentable as holiday homes throughout the whole year.

The small community by Akumal Bay also contains two supermarkets, a few souvenir shops, a dive center and a few restaurant and bars; everything you need to enjoy your holiday in peace. This is what lies on the shore, off shore, in the bays that these condos front, lies some of the best snorkeling in the region. Akumal is Mayan for ‘the place of the turtles’ and is synonymous with these graceful creatures. They can be seen grazing at the bottom of Akumal Bay, Half moon Bay and at the entrance to Yal-Ku lagoon. The second largest reef system in the world lies just off this coast, so there are many opportunities for beautiful snorkelling and scuba diving in these clear water. For more information on the snorkelling available in this area visit our blog about snorkelling in Akumal.

Akumal is very well located, 28km (17miles) away from the town of Tulum and the Tulum Ruins, and 38km (23miles) away from the thriving town of Playa Del Carmen.  Lining the Highway between here and there are many ecological and adventure parks, golf courses and cenotes.

Staying in Akumal you are provided with the luxury of your own place to call home, a small community surrounding it and nature right on your doorstep. Whether you plan on sunning yourself on a beach, watching marine life, or getting away from the life you know in general, Akumal is the perfect place on the Riviera Maya to relax your days away.